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iMedical is the leading healthcare marketing company in the Middle East. We empower healthcare organizations, from clinics, hospitals, and pharma companies, to grow faster and more efficiently in today’s digital-driven world by providing them with integrated digital solutions.

Empowering clinics, hospitals, and pharma companies to grow with our innovative digital marketing services.

Company Overview

About iMedical.

Founded in 2017 by a group of innovative and ambitious individuals to empower healthcare organizations, from clinics, hospitals, and pharma companies, to grow faster and more efficiently in today’s digital-driven world by providing them with transformative digital services and solutions.

Operating from our headquarters in Amman, Jordan, we are committed to providing the highest quality of digital services and solutions that add significant value and accelerate business growth for healthcare providers on local, regional, and global levels.

iMedical's Business Model

Our Approach.

Our business model is developed to increase the visibility and profitability of healthcare organizations, guided by three core pillars.

01Value Creation

We develop a dynamic marketing strategy for each client, aiming to position them as patients’ preferred choice by differentiating them from competitors with innovative marketing techniques that align with patients’ preferences and market trends using real-time data.


We increase our clients’ visibility across digital and social media platforms by developing a premium brand and online presence combined with impactful medical content, ensuring they are easily discoverable by patients, enhancing the perceived value of their services, and driving patient acquisition.


We accelerate demand and revenue growth for our clients with data-driven campaigns promoting the most in-demand medical services and procedures within their specialties. Through these campaigns, we raise brand awareness, attract new patients, increase patient retention, and maximize ROI.

iMedical's Offering

Our Services.

We offer integrated digital solutions powered by a team of the brightest minds in the digital industry with a proven track record of success.

Brand Management

We manage and elevate our clients’ brands from strategy to identity and presence to overall brand image. We differentiate our clients by developing an outstanding brand with a strong foundation, unique identity, compelling value propositions, and maintaining a prestigious reputation at every touch point.

Media Production

We combine the expertise of our marketers, content creators, designers, and photographers with cutting-edge tools to craft high-quality medical content that inspires and engages patients, enhancing our clients’ credibility and positioning them as thought leaders in their specialties.

Digital Marketing

We craft powerful digital marketing strategies tailored for healthcare providers, harnessing SEM, social media, influencer collaborations, and web/mobile products to help our clients connect with their target audience through relevant content, promote their services, and influence their communities.

Data-Driven Marketing

We design and operate complex data-driven marketing ecosystems that harness technology and data to accelerate demand and revenue growth, we transform and coordinate marketing and sales operations efficiently and effectively.

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